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Triple M Music, Productions:

               Our designs and creations are a reflection of all the fabulous elements within us. We’ve painted the corners of our hearts on blank canvases, captured the vividness of our thoughts with the lens and hand crafted bold, classy, sexy uniqueness.  Our products are created with you in mind. We have jewelry for the bold and confident woman. We have paintings to enhance the warmth of your space. We have photography to expand your point of view.  We want you to help you embrace the beauty, creativity, and confidence within you. Listen to the whispers of your authentic selves. Be JFabulous!

              Kedon Beckford is a freelance photographer and graphic artist working out of Fairfield County, CT. His aim is to provide clients with personalized services to enhance visual identity. Kedon implements photography and modern artistry and introduces a new niche in creative services that 

expands the realm of photography and design. Kedon’s work includes commercial projects and fine art photography. His work has been exhibited in local galleries including the Fairfield Arts Center and Bridgeport’s City Hall Annex.

              J&D Landscaping has been serving Fairfield County since 1998, we strive to offer landscaping service that is better than the competition. We offer grounds maintenance for both commercial and residential properties. Maintenance for all four seasons at reasonable prices;  As well as, clean up and ground maintenance for any special occasion or event.

Triple M Music, Productions

DJ Mark Music For All Occasions
Mark W. aka Beeper the DJ
DJ Music Mixology
NYC & Westchester County's Best DJ Now Expanding Services in the Connecticut Area